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Affiliate Testimonials – Our affiliates are one of the backbones of our business, and we take good care of them. If you’re curious to see what some of our other affiliates say about us, just scroll down and see for yourself. We look forward to working with you!

“Being one of the strongest affiliates in the Nordics we prefer to work with well known and well proven brands. We are seeing great results together.”


“At, we really like the good things that come from partnerships. Working with Sweetspot Affiliates has been great – they're professional and friendly. Our players really like their new online casinos, which has helped us become a top affiliate site. We're excited for a long and successful partnership!”


“We are always aiming to work with the best partners for each market. We have established ourselves as the main source of traffic in the Nordics, and the partnership with SweetSpot have been great”


“We love SweetSpotAffiliates, they have some of the best cryptocasinos at the moment, we can only recommend it.”


“We are really happy to be working with SweetSpotAffiliates, their conversion is strong and they have proven great player values during the period we have promoted them.”


“I can only recommend working with SweetSpotAffiliates, they have truly strong brands and we are seeing incredible results already. We are looking forward to see this growing into a mutual beneficial partnership. They have always been a great affiliate managers from earlier partnerships.”


“We are really happy working with SweetSpotAffiliates and it is probably one of the strongest programs out there for online casinos. We are seeing great conversion and good player value.”


“A brand that converts very well in Japan. Their team is also very professional and competent. We do recommend Sweetspot Affiliates to any of you!”


“It’s always a pleasure to work with Sweetspot Affiliates, especially for the Japanese market. Our users love the brand! Recommended!”


“We highly recommend SweetSpot affiliates to anyone looking to take their affiliate marketing strategy to the next level. Their team is professional, efficient, and genuinely invested in their clients' success.”


“SweetSpot affiliates has been an invaluable asset to our company's growth. Their personalized approach and attention to detail have helped us create successful affiliate campaigns that have produced impressive ROI.”


“We've had the pleasure of partnering with SweetSpot affiliates for over a year now, and they've consistently exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in affiliate marketing has helped us increase our revenue and expand our reach.”


“Working with SweetSpot affiliates has been a game-changer for our business. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always goes above and beyond to deliver results.”


“The partnership with Sweetspot affiliates is the thing we enjoy and are proud of at the same time. Their experience on the market for years mirrors their attitude to people and details, which is the core of great cooperation. How do they find new ways of improving their services - we don’t know, but sincerely appreciate it.”


“Sweetspot has been one of our most valuable partners and we consider them a brand that we can strongly recommend from their game line-ups to bonus packages. We hope to build up a good and long lasting relationship with Sweetspot who leads the industry with their unique and user-friendly services.”


Sweetspot Affiliates offers some of the best localized gambling brands in markets such as Japan, Brazil and India. We are particularly excited to work together with them to introduce their top brand PureWin to our Indian casino players.


Sweetspot Affiliates truly knows what they are doing, and we had a blast working with them! If you are looking for an uncomplicated service that delivers what it promises and more – you are in the right place.


Looking to increase your monthly revenue? Sweetspot Affiliates is the way to go! Their fast and simple backend is just made for you! Get in touch now!


“We've been working with SweetSpot for a while now, and they're one of our most valuable partners. Their team completely understands our needs, is very proactive, and successfully drives results. Our efforts would not be the same without the relationship they've built and the strategic guidance they've provided.”


“We are very pleased with SweetSpot's performance and active partnership. They truly understand how to drive results and take care of everything along the way.”


“It has been a true pleasure to collaborate with SweetSpot over the last few years. They provide the service that we require. This is why we recommend SweetSpot to anyone who wants to be successful. We look forward to many more years of working together.”


“We at BetPiece have some experience in promoting sportsbooks and online casino brands. For the last few months, we have successfully promoted Sweet Spot Affiliates brands and got good revenues. Of course, we want to mention Pure Win, with its excellent LTV and high conversion rate. Highly recommended to work with them!”


“Sweetspot affiliates are great to work with and offer some of the best online casinos and betting sites out there! The affiliate managers are friendly and always available when you need help.”


“At we value the mutual benefit of the partnership. Partnering with Sweetspot Affiliates, we witnessed professional work along with a friendly attitude. Their brands are popular with Indian players, bringing the team to the top among affiliate sites. Hope for a long and fruitful cooperation!”


“Sweetspot Affiliates has been a good partner with us for a long time. Their brands and performance is one of the best, especially PUREWIN is very dear to Indian users. We hope this partnership continues for a long time.”


“PureWin is a very strong brand in this market. We're looking forward to creating a mutually beneficial partnership with this strong team in an equally strong & competitive market.”


“We like working with Hero Affiliates because they have favourable rates, excellent support service and a team of professionals. They are great partners. Sweetspot Affiliates offer one of the best deals on the market.”


“We are very happy with the review of PureWin APP and we are able to suggest this app to our fans . The communication with the PureWin Casino team works efficient and on a professional level. We don’t want to miss them in the future and recommend working with PureWin Casino.”


“We have been working with SweetSpot for the past 2 years. PureWin brand is performing very good for us in India. At TheTopBookies we consider SweetSpot Affiliates as one of our trusted partners.”


It has been great working with our partners at PureWin casino. They have been extremely helpful when it comes to collaborating with affiliates and helping their performances.


“It seems to us that Sweetspot soon has every chance to become one of the leading platforms in the field of affiliate management, since everything here is organized at the highest level. So, for example, there are no problems with the choice of marketing materials for any brands, and statistical data is updated quite quickly. Also, their managers are quite helpful and well-wishing.”


“We are very pleased to work with such a progressive and very promising affiliate platform as Sweetspot. Their advantages are that they have collected several interesting betting and gambling brands in one place, and their Internet platform is created and managed by a leader in the field of affiliate marketing organization, which is confirmed by many honorary awards in this field.”


“Purewin is a program that is genuinely worth the shot! The team is made of professionals, and we see high conversion rates by our players from India. So far, our partnership with the Purewin platform is seamless, and we are happy to have them listed on our site.”


“We love to work with Sweet Spot Affiliates for our Indian audience. They are very helpful and respond very fast. We love their brands!”


“It's a pleasure to be working with the Sweetspot team. They work in a friendly, open, and professional manner. There's also no denying that their affiliate manager is awesome, the admin interface is simple and we didn't have to wait long for payouts especially.”


“ are happy to work with PureWin. The Support from their team has been great. Also the brand is very fantastic and we are sure it will lead to a long partnership.”


“Sweetspot is a great affiliate program with great affiliate managers and we have a had a great time collaborating with an excellent and helpful team at PureWin. We hope that this partnership can turn into something long term where we both grow.”


“We really recommend this brand to work with. Their affiliate representatives are doing a great job by helping us in a very professional manner. The team is very helpful and is always looking for solutions to get the best results. We highly recommend affiliates to join and establish such a fruitful partnership.”


“We are delighted to work with the amazing people behind PureWin. This online casino has great potential and we are happy to be considered a partner for the journey.”


“Sweetspot Affiliates has been a pleasure to work with. Solid conversion rates, a good selection of media and a helpful team of affiliate managers. Simply put, we're looking forward to a long-term partnership!”


“It is always a pleasure working with professionals like this brand who provide us with their perfect service for our market. They have proven to be very helpful, easy to communicate with and have a high level of professionality. At, we are proud of this partnership and would recommend them to anyone.”


“We partnered with Sweetspot for there Indian brand PureWin. They are very professional and very good communication with their affiliate managers.”


“CLICHÉ ALERT! We hit the sweet spot in our partnership with Sweetspot. A remarkable and experienced company that has a laser focus commitment to their client's fulfillment. In our company teamwork is a key element to our success, a quality that we share with the Sweetspot affiliate team which is always there for us.”


“Amuletobet has been a fantastic addition to our products in the Brazilian market! We highly recommend the brand and the work performed by the Sweetspot affiliate team.”


“We have worked together with Sweetspot for a while now and they have proven to be a reliable partner. They go above and beyond to make sure it’s a mutually beneficial partnership. Not only do they offer high converting brands but they are always there to resolve any issues that might arise. It is with pleasure that we recommend Sweetspot as a partner.”


“We have partnered with SweetSpot for their brand PureWin and it has turned out to be one of our most profitable partnerships. PureWin attracts quite a lot of users, and we hope to continue this partnership for a long time to come.”


“It has been a joy to work with everyone on the Sweetspot team from day one. We're excited about continuing a long and fruitful relationship as their brands evolve and improve everyday. At we're happy to recommend to anyone thinking of partnering with Sweetspot.”


“Our collaboration with Sweetspot has been a success. The affiliate team is very professional and helpful, which makes our experience delightful. 100% recommended.”


“We are delighted to work together with Pure Win brand, the affiliate team is very professional and always ready to help out. We highly value a great customer experience and have no hesitation in recommending them”


“Pure Win definitely has one of the best affiliate programs to work with. If you are looking to promote good brands with top promotions look no further. Highly recommended!”


“We at Online.Casino is delighted to partner up with Sweetspot affiliates. Their team has been outstanding since day one and we are looking forward to many good days ahead. We give Sweetspot Affiliates our warmest recommendation.”


“Pure Win Casino is a perfect fit for our Indian players. Being one of the most popular brands on the Indian market, Pure Win Casino offers fantastic customer support, promotions to players and great affiliate management.”


“We are happy to have Sweetspot Affiliates as one of our partners! The casino brands convert very well and the affiliate team is very helpful and easy to work with. We at look forward to a long lasting partnership with Sweetspot Affiliates!”


“Working with SweetSpot Affiliates has been amazing journey so far. Their affiliate team is always accurate and quick to reply to all of our questions and requests. They offer a huge number of betting partners. We at Bookmaker-Expert would strongly advise everyone to work with SweetSpot Affiliates.”


“Sweetspot Affiliates is a top partner of ours, and we at TopCasinoExpert are glad to work with them. They provide a great assortment of brands as well as secure payment methods. The affiliate staff is always quick to contact and a pleasure to chat with, and the deals are substantial.”


“Amuletobet is a great addition to our site. We're expecting great results with them in this quickly growing market. Picking great partnerships that are strong with localisation is always the quickest way to succeed.”


“We have created not just a website, but an entire online encyclopaedia on the world of betting in India. And one of first betting providers we wanted to see there was Pure Win!”


“Are you looking for the most trusted real money cricket betting apps for betting on-the-go? Our beloved and trusted partners Pure Win will tell you, that this website is definitely your choice!”


“We have really enjoyed working closely with Hero Affiliate team, who may we add have an amazing team of people working for them who have been a pleasure to work with and amazing support! They are very professional in what they do which is key in such a congested market. It's been a pleasure working together and here's to long lasting partnership!”


“We have many partners, but only a few that we’re looking to build a serious, long-term relationship with. Sweetspot Affiliates is one of those. Why? Because they’re professionals that know the gambling industry, offering top casino sites to promote and are easy to work with. Everything about this company is just great.”


“At eBetFinder, it’s important for us to only promote brands that we genuinely think are the best. Pure Win falls in this category because of its valuable bonus offers, wide game selection, service-minded support and user-friendly interface. The team at Sweetspot Affiliates know what they’re doing and we’ve had nothing but a fruitful partnership so far.”


“As a top partner of ours, we at are happy to recommend Sweetspot Affiliates. Pure Win is one of the best casinos and sports betting sites in India, which truly shows in terms of conversion. Deals are generous and the affiliate team is always easy to get in touch with and a pleasure to speak with.”


“Working with Sweetspot affiliates is great. Since the start they have been professional, offer brands that our customers enjoy and good conversion. We at Bettingguide are sure that Sweetspot affiliates will be part of our journey for many years ahead.”


“We found Sweetspot Affiliates multi-language approach to be a refreshing change in the Indian market. They will be a key partner for the Cricketics team.”


“Smartbettingguide has been working really well with Pure Win for a while now and our partnership seems to be flourishing and going better each month. We really love working with them and highly recommend this super helpful team.”


“No Limit Casino is one of the best crypto casinos available for Finnish players. It’s sleek design, usability and great cashback bonuses really stand out from the old school competitors. We at list the best casinos and are happy to promote NLC in the top of our Bitcoin casino - list!”


“Pure Win Casino is a great choice for playing casino games and betting on sports for everyone in India. We are impressed by Pure Win Casino’s performance, and we couldn’t be any more confident than partnering with the pros at Sweetspot Affiliates. We care about fostering great relationships in the business, that’s why we’re fortunate to have one with Sweetspot.”


“Cricketbettingguru website is completely dedicated to online cricket betting in India. Here you will find a list of the best cricket betting bookies, such as Pure Win and their mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have selected only legal and reliable online cricket betting sites that are 100% confident in their honesty and safety.”


“Sweetspot affiliates became our favorite online casino affiliate program. They have superb brand selections along with reliable payment options. Their listed brands are genuine too. Their account manager is very sincere and helpful. It was a great working experience with them.”


“SweetSpot Affiliates are one of our biggest partners and we are very happy with our collaboration. They are very easy to work with and Aleksis has been super helpful. Highly recommended!”


“Behind Sweet Spot Affiliates there are the greatest brands and an impeccable affiliate support team that makes us more and more sure that this was undoubtedly a very good decision. Happy to recommend it!”


“Working with Sweetspotaffiliates has been really great and we would highly recommend the affiliate program. Having a good team around you is so important and the staff here is always ready to help and give advice. We hope that this will be a long-lasting relationship.”


“The team at SweetSpotAffiliates are friendly, helpful and always professional. It's been a pleasure to work with them and we have been really happy with the results. We hope to keep this partnership going far into the future!”


“It was a relief when we heard Sweetspot Affiliates were looking after the Pure Win brand. They are a great affiliate team which are very knowledgeable about the Indian market. Pure Win is a top quality and localized Indian brand which should be a consideration for all affiliates.”


“Choosing to partner up with Sweetspot Affiliates was an easy decision for us as we had heard a lot of good reports about them. They have done a great job by ensuring their affiliates have all the tools necessary to promote their brands across the world. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”


“We at Casinos Analyzer have just started working with Sweetspot Affiliates. They provided us with all the necessary information we requested regarding their brand. It's a pleasure to work with such a professional team!”


“The team at SweetSpot affiliate have a strong passion and drive to deliver the best results. Our cooperation has been great so far and we look forward to a bright future together in the Colombian market.”


“We feel that the casino brands that SweetSpot affiliates offer will be an important actor in the emerging LatAm markets, with a wide range of the best slot providers and most importantly many payment options for the players.”

“We entered a partnership with SweetSpot affiliates after hearing good things from others in the I-gaming industry and dealing with their professional team has been great. We can't wait to present their fun brands to our visitors.”


“SweetSpot Affiliates and their brands really push the limit on customer satisfaction in terms of game selection, payment providers and support. Partnering up has been one of the highlights for us and we see great results already.”


“We are looking forward to our partnership with SweetSpot affiliates. Their brands are cool and fresh and the team is awesome to work with. Everything has been smooth so far, and we would recommend them to other affiliates in the iGaming niche.”

“We are enjoying an incredible conversion and exceptional player quality with one of the best casinos on the market. We recommend Pure Casino with closed eyes to anyone looking for an unparalleled gaming experience!”


“If you are looking for an online casino affiliate program, look no other than Pure Win. We at India Casino Info strongly recommends Pure Win affiliate program as it is packed with all the good stuff - casino games and sportsbook, giving its affiliates a chance to earn more. A high commission rate awaits! be a Pure win affiliate now.”


“It's been a pleasure working with Sweetspot Affiliates so far. Awesome team of affiliate managers, great brands and most importantly - great results. Simply put, we look forward to continuing our partnership!”


“In our casino section we were looking for brands that accepts most markets in the world, and we are happy to say that the brands we promote with SweetSpotAffiliates are proven to convert well, and create great value for both parties.”


“Payment methods will always be a issue in most markets, with SweetSpotAffiliates this is not an issue anymore. They have solved this, and are proving to also be able to have one of the highest playervalues in the industry.”


“Crypto Casinos are here to stay, and we are happy to be partnering up with SweetSpotAffiliates, their brands have the best playervalue in the industry.”


“We are truly happy to start working with Sweetspotaffiliates, they have brands that are converting in most markets and fits us perfectly.”


“PureWin is one of the top brands available for Indian players with good service. We are happy in promoting a quality brand to our players. sweet spot affiliate team are quick and responsive, we will highly recommend them.”


“We are enjoying an incredible conversion and exceptional player quality with one of the best casinos on the market. We recommend Pure casino with closed eyes to anyone looking for an unparalleled gaming experience!”


“Casinofox India is very happy to have a great partner like SweetSpot in India. Their brands are highly likable by our audiences and the conversions are amazing too. We are incredibly happy that we get to promote them on our Indian casino lists website. We hope they keep adding more awesome brands for us to promote.”

Casinofox India

“The Sweetspot affiliate program is one of the best ones out there for UPI Casinos. The fact that they accept UPI Payments in India makes it very easy for us to promote them and market them to millions of people. We are very happy to be their partners in this amazing venture.”


“We've been working with this great company for quite a while now and we are really impressed with the affiliation team and the performance of their brand in the Indian market. Both the player retention and conversion rates are very good. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the years to come.”


“We at highly recommend partnering up with Sweetspot Affiliates - The brands are innovative, entertaining and converting and the team is very professional and supportive. A big thumbs up from us!”


“Any affiliate sites looking for great commissions and an increase in traffic should partner with Sweetspot Affiliates! GoodLuckMate was blown away with the service and value!”


“We certainly have a sweet spot for Sweetspot Affiliates. is proving to be a very highly regarded platform within the industry. They have a great team running the show, and we look forward to continuing our beneficial partnership.”


“It is our pleasure to work with Sweetspot Affiliates and the excellent platform. They represent professionalism, politeness and readiness to cooperate whenever needed. We look forward to a bright future working together and highly recommend them.”


“We have had a great time working with Sweetspot Affiliates and Pure Casino, they have excellent program and brilliant affiliate managers to help facilitate our growth. We are sure that this relationship is going to great heights.”


“Sweetspot Affiliates has been more than helpful setting up our accounts. We're more than happy with our collaboration so far!”


“Sweetspot Affiliates is a great online casino platform. We have seen great results during our collaboration. Their affiliate managers are helpful and very responsive, and payouts are always on time and correct.”


“We are delighted to work with Sweetspot Affiliates. Since day one, it has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to increasing our Share of Voice together in the Indian market.”


“It’s a pleasure working side by side with Sweetspot Affiliates and their brand Pure Casino in India. Don’t hesitate to partner up with them if you have online casino or betting sites.”


“Pure casino is well designed, user-friendly and a highly converting casino in India. We are thrilled to be working with Sweetspot Affiliates and highly recommend them as a partner! We’re looking forward to a long partnership.”


“Casitabi is a well-known brand and we are happy to promote it. We are glad that the guys from Sweetspot Affiliates are helping us in this. They provide high-quality service, promptly solve all issues, and most importantly they pay on time. If you need high conversion and fast support from an affiliate program, then this is the place for you.”

“Nothing can be expected from a partnership with Sweetspot Affiliates but pleasure and ease of doing business with. Pure Casino is a popular brand on the Indian market and we at CasinoBonusesFinder appreciate starting to promote it.”


“With such great converting brands and high-value content, it’s a pleasure to promote Pure Casino. Our partnership towards India has started off on a great note and we can’t wait to see what further ventures Sweetspot have in store!”


“At ChoiceCasino we are happy to list Pure Casino among our online casino websites that offer numerous slot games, roulette and card games, Live Casino with software provided by the best developers. The casino offers many bonus programs for the best gaming experience.”


“It is a pleasure to work with Pure Casino. Before partnering up with a casino we look extra carefully on what games they offer. This casino offers great Andar Bahar games, which is exactly what our players are looking for. Great stuff!”


“Affiliate marketing is attractive when you work with operators like Sweetspot Affiliates Casinos, which are incredibly easy to sell. The casinos under this brand give players the best games accompanied by unbelievable bonuses and promotional offers. Their program is also extraordinarily accommodating and responsive.”


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with SweetSpot Affiliates. Pure Casino is a fantastic online casino that is tailor-made for the Indian audience and thus converts extremely well”


“Our partnership with Sweetspot has been great from the very beginning, with everything from their conversion being great to the contact and service from their affiliate management team always being very good. We, therefore, look forward to many more years of working with Sweetspot Affiliates.”


“We work with a number of affiliate programs, but Sweetspot Affiliates really hit the spot with their professionalism. The team provides an excellent service and are always ready to help and answer all your questions. They have a strong understanding of the Indian market and have been very helpful with tips on promoting their brand. Highly recommended!””


“Our partnership with Sweetspotaffiliates could not be better. Perfect deals and always happy to assist our staff. Hoping for a long and mutually beneficial collaboration.
Anton Za, Affiliate Manager”


“When we entered the Indian market Sweetspot and Pure Casino was our first choice. An online casino we can be proud of sending our Indian players too. Both them and us are taken care of. We are only looking for long-lasting relationships and for that Sweetspot is an example as-well-as a key player!”


“Payments on time and one of the finest platforms for Indian affiliates.”

“Sweetspot Affiliate is the ultimate partner in India. We especially want to highlight Pure Casino which is highly popular amongst our India players. The brand converts really well and the deal we received is sweet. We highly recommend this brand to other affiliates in India.”


“Sweetspot Affiliates are very professional and responsive all the time. We are extremely satisfied with our partnership and would recommend it to everybody who intends to run a successful collaboration. Keep up the good work!”


“Pure Casino is an awesome casino with a great selection of games and a superb welcome offer. They really offer everything you need to have a high converting casino site in India. Thanks to offering the local currency of Rupees, starting this partnership was a no brainer for us. Highly recommended!”

Casino Wings

“Pure Casino is an interesting and playful casino that contains all elements a player would ever ask for. We are very pleased with our collaboration with Sweetspot Affiliates. Highly recommend!”


“It is not easy job to find a brand that does so well in India! - we realised the market is amazing but specially when you promote
quality brands like Pure Casino!
This is just the begining of a partnership but we are looking forward to keep working with their amazing Affiliate Team!”


“Being part of Sweetspot affiliate seems like the perfect match for us. Their brand “Pure casino” offers everything our players are looking for. The deal is generous and the team behind it is friendly.”


“We are working together for some time now and we're more than happy with their services and support. Their unique deals, promotions and RPG features keep the users satisfied. The affiliate staff is super friendly and helpful, that's why we recommend working with Sweetspot Affiliates”


“Partnering up with Sweetspot Affiliates couldn’t be easier - they are young, full of energy and grow fast. They have the style, the vision, and a well-oiled working process backing them up. At SlotsUp we are convinced that working with them is as sweet as their name sounds”


“For The Gambler Bay, partnering with Pure Casino is a very important step. We have long been striving for this and believe that this is a mutually beneficial investment of forces. Pure Casino is the embodiment of functions that are absolutely necessary for modern affiliate programs. Thank you for your trust!”


“Having a good partner relationship is a very important point for an affiliate. Sweetspot Affiliates has the best environment for introducing casinos, the account managers are sincere, they respond quickly, and support us too. Casitabi itself has become a popular casino in the Japanese market, we predict it will grow further.”

OnlineCasino Winners Club

“Casitabi is a pioneer in the online casino industry for including gamification, and is one of the most distinct online casinos. Not only is it reliable as an online casino, it also delivers a high level of entertainment and satisfaction. Players will not get bored with new features that are constantly added. Casitabi is the casino that gives excitement with its services and functions, and will continue to do so in the future!”

Japanese Casino

“Casitabi is not just an online casino. Its RPG features will delight the user with a new sensation when defeating the boss and progressing further into the adventure. Its affiliate staff is always happy to help with my requests.They were very helpful when I started to introduce their brands, including preparing the necessary banners and other design assets.The players love this brand as well! It’s easy to play, and I keep recommending it more and more!”

Net Casino JP

“The Sweetspot Affiliates program is an excellent program for online casinos. They have different casino brands and the affiliate managers are friendly and great. Recommended!”


“Casitabi is a casino that takes great care of its affiliates. I can introduce their brands with peace of mind. They are very supportive, and respond much faster than other online casinos do when I ask questions.”


“We have a great partnership with Sweetspot Affiliates. We are mainly promoting Pure Casino in India and the results are very good so far. Good conversion and good results. Our affiliate manager is also very helpful. We highly recommend Sweetspot Affiliates.”


“At the moment we promote Pure Casino in our casino lists which converts really well. The players seems to really like the brand. As soon as the sportsbook is launched we will also promote the sportsbook. We are really looking forward to that!”


“A brand focusing on the Indian market is exactly a partner we want to work with. Amazing affiliate team always available, fantastic offers for our customers and a great platform is a few of the key points this operator offers. A high recommendation from us!”


“Sweetspot Affiliates is an affiliate program that knows how to provide value, both to players and affiliates. Their helpful team along with their high conversion rate and large selection of marketing material has made them one of our favorite partners. We look forward to continuing our partnership and we’re confident that Sweetspot Affiliates will stay as one of our long-term partners!”


“The allcasinos team is very happy to work with Sweetspot Affiliates, a very professional team with a can do attitude.”


“Casitabi is a top online casino in Japan that our players love. We truly enjoy working with Sweetspot Affiliates and highly recommend working with them.”


“Casitabi has a great reputation in Japan and we highly value the relationship with Sweetspot Affiliates. They are highly professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with”


“We are amazed by the team behind Pure Casino, They always give you the best promotions to work with, We are very happy to work with their Bitcoin casino on several market, especially in India. Great casino, Great team!”


“At we think locally, This is why Pure casinos is a perfect match to us.
We get tailor made bonuses that works perfectly in one of our mayor markets India. We can highly recomen you to work with them.”


“We exclusively focus on trustworthy brands and partners. So it can only be beneficial that the team behind SweetSpot Affiliates are true industry-veterans. On the one hand, they are very responsive, on the other hand, they always strive to improve, which must be one of the driving forces for the excellent player conversion of brands like Simple Casino and Casitabi. If you are active in the Japanese market, their brands are not to be missed.”


“When starting out in a new market like Japan, it is important to establish relationships with trusted operators. From the very beginning, Sweetspot Affiliates have been professional and helpful. We look forward to a long lasting business relationship.”


“Working with SweetSpot Affiliates is a delight.
They are professional and always responsive with helpful solutions, this in turn leads to nice conversion rates.
We recommend partnering with SweetSpot Affiliates!”

“Casitabi has a great potential to become a top choice for players, as for affiliates. Casitabi representatives have the ability to keep friendly, but still professional attitude towards their partners. We are always happy to review a quality casino at and we can say with confidence, Casatabi is one of them”


“The products of Sweetspot Affiliates are fascinating even Japanese online casino players. Especially the strategic difference of its brands, "Casitabi" (equivalent to Casino Heroes in Europe) and Simple Casino, is a notable point, since they gain variable types of players. We are introducing the online casinos confidently on our website, because of the great quality of the products and careful supports.”


“Sweetspot Affiliates is an excellent example of how an affiliate company can strive in the short run. Our cooperation with their affiliate managers was exceptionally fruitful. We managed to achieve our strategic goals, increase conversion, and attract new users to our platform. Our team could recommend working with Sweetspot compared to other affiliate programs available around.”

Pikachu Casinos

“We are very pleasure to work with Sweetspot affiliate, since they are nicely, friendly and polite. Also, it’s highly recommended their casino brands. Casitabi is highly popular for a long time and player never get bored with the full of enjoyable entertainments. Simple casino is also loved by many Japanese players who prefer casino without complicated contents. has just launched but already we could see that many players are satisfied with the original customisable tool and tons of game tips/infomarion which is stunning!”

Casino Top5

“We have worked with Sweetspot for long time and have always had tremendous success. We are enjoying excellent conversion and retention rate which has allowed us to build a very large player base which has proven to be a win to win strategy for both part. We highly recommend this affiliate program!”

The Soho

“We at provide only reliable and credible reviews about online casino sites. We are very happy to be one of SweetSpot Affiliates partners and we look forward to see more great results while working with them. If you are looking for a company to build a partnership with, SweetSpot Affiliates is definitely the partner for you.”


“It is always a pleasure working with SweetSpot Affiliates. It is one of the most promising new brand that we can promote on our site. Their affiliate team is absolutely a pleasure to work with, always accurate and responds immediately to all our queries and needs. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Japanese Online casino

“Working with SweetSpot Affiliates couldn’t be better. The combination of high commissions and professional support from their team is out of this world. We have seen a massive increase in conversion ever since we started working with them. We cant wait to see what the future holds.”

Casino Pilot

“Sweetspot Affiliates are open to Japanese players which is the perfect opportunity to start promoting their great casinos. Sweetspot Affiliates are an absolute pleasure to work with. It is a great affiliate program and the team is very professional and reliable. Looking forward to great results together.”


“sweetspot affiliates operate the most advanced casino brands in Japan. We are confident that we can recommend ONCASI to our users with confidence.”

gekiatsu onlinecasino

“The sweetspot brand is very easy to attract users with high no deposit bonuses and attractive welcome offers. It is also showing high rankings in our site's online casino rankings.”